Gutters Protect Your Home

Gutters are troughs that collect water running off your roof and divert it, with proper sloping, to downspouts that carry it to the ground and away from your brick, siding, windows, doors and foundation. Pinnacle Roofing & Exteriors, Inc. only installs seamless gutters which are fabricated on site from one piece of metal coil to your home’s exact measurements. This attention to detail ensures fewer seams, superior gutter performance and a better overall appearance.

Most residential gutters come in two sizes

5″ and 6″ –and are made of either aluminum, steel, zinc or copper in a standard “K” style. The typical 5 inch K-style gutter comes with 2 x 3 inch downspouts. On a larger home, the residential gutter system would consist of 6 inch K-style gutter using a 3 x 4 inch downspout. Another residential gutter option is the half-round gutter. Half Round Gutters are found on many upscale estate homes. They come in all metals, however they are often fabricated from copper and are seamless, made on the job site. Common sizes are 5 inch and 6 inch, with 3″, 4″ and 5″ downspouts.

Protect Your Investment | Maintain Your Gutters

Inspecting and cleaning debris from your gutters is important. Need help cleaning, repairing and inspecting your gutters to make sure they are working to keep moisture away from your home?

clogged gutter

Some of our Gutter Work